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Art & Creative Materials Institute

The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is a non-profit trade association of art & craft material
manufacturers. Since 1940, ACMI has conducted a certification program in which member's product formulas are analysed by a renowned toxicologist and certified by ACMI as non-toxic or properly labelled. ACMI certification also ensures compliance to State and Federal United States labelling regulations.
Helmar Australia Pty Ltd is a member of ACMI, and we feel it is important that our products are certified under the ACMI program. Young children's products must be certified as non-toxic because children may chew crayons, drink tempera, eat paste, eat glue or lick paint brushes.
Adult products must bear the proper health labelling to ensure artists, hobbyists and other professionals lifelong health protection by providing safe-use information about the materials they use. Helmar Australia Pty Ltd is
concerned about the safety of our customers.
We recommend when specifying or purchasing art materials, particularly for institutional use, that you carefully consider the ultimate consumer. In cases where product may be used in nursery or grade school classes (K-6), or in environments with physically or mentally handicapped persons who may be unable to read or understand safety labelling, you should specify and purchase materials which are CP/AP certified non-toxic products.
Specification and purchase of those materials will ensure that even the most sensitive populations can safely
enjoy art and craft activities.
Other products, which carry the CL Seal and appropriate cautions for safe use, can safely be used by those
persons who are able to read, understand and follow suggested safety precautions for handling those materials. Many such art products cannot be made non-hazardous, but are necessary for certain creative activities.
When used in properly supervised and controlled conditions, they can be enjoyed with complete safety.
We hope you will maximize the safe and enjoyable use of art materials for your customers by selecting and specifying suitable products for rewarding arts and crafts.

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