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Our Story

Helmar USA Inc began in late 2009 initially setup to distribute Helmar branded product manufactured by Helmar Australia and to better service and expand our existing US customer base. It was located in San Diego, California. Whilst the business grew steadily and slowly it wasn't the ideal location for our business to continue to grow.

2012 has seen some major changes already this year for Helmar USA Inc. and those positive changes will continue. In the interests of moving forward and enabling the business to grow from strength to strength, relocation became inevitable.

In June 2012 Helmar USA Inc. was relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. Now with a much larger warehouse to allow for future expansion and also located close to major transport links, supply to our customers and business growth will be much more efficient.


All the best and stay tuned for more positive changes to come!

Mark Ripper

CEO & President


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