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HELMAR Craft Glue 8.45 fl.oz.
SKU: 747311800201
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Helmar Premium Craft Glue is a crystal clear, fast drying adhesive that is suitable for bonding to almost all types of fabrics, leathers, balsa and other soft woods, paper, cane and most other hand craft materials. It is also an excellent glue for lampshade making and millinery work

  • It's also machine washable !
  • Dries crystal clear and sets quickly !
  • Acid Free

Available Sizes:
50ml ( US 1.7 fl. oz.) Bottle       
125ml (US 4.23 fl. oz.) Bottle
250ml (US 8.45 fl. oz.) Bottle    
1L (US 38.81 fl. oz.) Bottle       

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